Cellars to be included in new Crescent plan

The Crescent, Buxton misses out on government funding
The Crescent, Buxton misses out on government funding

REVISED plans for the long-awaited project to create a hotel and spa at the Crescent in Buxton have been unanimously approved.

Although the development had previously secured planning permission, the major changes made to the proposals meant a new application was needed.

At a special meeting on Monday, members of High Peak’s Development Control Committee also agreed to delegate authority to planning officers to deal with the precise wording of the numerous conditions to be imposed.

The most significant changes include alterations to the new first floor extension, the use of part of the cellars at the Old Hall Hotel and changes to the basement area.

Agent David Cullen said: “It is a vitally important building for the town as we all know. This planing permission is giving everyone more confidence and will hopefully make money flow.”

Councillor John Faulkner said: “It is not just a really important development for Buxton but also the High Peak, the Peak District, nationally and internationally.

“As we have said an awful lot of work has been done certainly over the last ten years if not longer in partnership between county, borough, the developers the hotel group, English Heritage, the outside funders, and of course Nestle have been involved.

“This project is extremely complicated. There are a lot of issues over and above what is normally associated with a run of the mill development.”

He said while some may thing think there was insufficient information to determine the application he said that he did not feel that was the case.

“I think it is appropriate if we exercise, as a committee, a little bit of discretion and give authority to the officers to manage the various conditions that are proposed.”

He said: “The Environment Agency raise all sorts of comments which as I said before can be adequately controlled by the officers.

Cllr Linda Baldry said there had been a good working relationship between officers and developers: “I hope that continues . There are quite a few points to iron out and are ongoing.”

The multi-million pound project will create a 79 bedroom spa hotel, nine retail units, a visitor centre, restore the natural baths, create a new roof top swimming pool and a new restaurant or cafe in the Pump Room.