Police warning to High Peak van owners

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Stock picture.

High Peak van owners are being urged to be vigilant following a spate of thefts.

Over the past two weeks, police have received reports of vans being broken into across the area, particularly in Buxton and New Mills.

Thieves have been targeting panel vans by prising open the doors and making off with power tools.

Police have been carrying out increased patrols to help to deter offenders and catch criminals in the act.

Residents are being encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to them so they can help stop a crime from happening.

Motorists, especially those working in the trade industry, are also being advised to take steps to better protect their property from being targeted by thieves.

Crime prevention advice includes:

- Before leaving your vehicle unattended, ensure it is properly locked with the windows up and the alarm activated

- Wipe away any visible marks left behind by a phone cradle or sat nav

- Don’t make it easy for thieves. Try to remove all valuable items, especially tools, out of the vehicle completely. If this isn’t possible, always keep them out of view from passers-by

- Security mark all of your valuables to help make them easily identified and traceable should they be stolen and recovered. This also makes them less attractive to thieves