Police warning to drivers ignoring one-way signs

OFFICERS from Buxton Safer Neighbourhood Team are clamping down on motorists using a one-way street in Fairfield as a rat run and driving the wrong way along it.

Motorists have been travelling the wrong way along Ashwood Road, causing traffic tailbacks as vehicles travelling the correct way are forced to reverse.

Buxton and Fairfield Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) will be carrying out extra patrols and target motorists ignoring the rules.

PC Mark Parkinson said: “The signs on Ashwood Road are pretty clear and state that it is a one-way street.

“But it seems some drivers have decided not to pay any attention to those signs and have used it as a cut-through.

“The road itself is not wide enough for two cars to pass each other and it’s going to cause damage to parked cars or even an accident, as drivers heading the right way will be put at risk.

“It’s a one-way system for a reason, and blatantly ignoring those signs is an offence that we will be cracking down on. The least you could get is a fine, so ask yourself if it’s really worth it.”