Police warning to Buxton motorists over pedestrian streets

A RISE in the number of drivers flouting a ban on cars in Buxton’s Spring Gardens has prompted a warning from police.

Buxton Safer Neighbourhood Team has received several complaints about motorists driving into the pedestrian zones and parking there.

The restrictions in place bar any vehicles from entering certain parts of Spring Gardens at any time. The only exceptions are for shop deliveries, between 4pm and 10am.

But the team have seen cars driving into the area and parking in the pedestrianised zone during the day.

Officers will now be on patrol and will speak to drivers flouting the restrictions, and advise them on the possibility of receiving fines for ignoring the signs.

PC Mark Parkinson, from the team, said: “The safety of pedestrians in Buxton’s shopping areas is a priority and motorists ignoring the signs and driving into these areas is potentially dangerous.

“There are several signs in the area saying ‘No vehicle access’, and there are ‘no waiting’ signs, too.

“Those signs apply to everyone, even if they are a commercial vehicle or have a disabled badge, so it is vitally important that drivers pay attention to them.

“We will be speaking to anyone who ignores the rules and advising them that they could face a fine if they break them.”

For more information, call the Safer Neighbourhood team on 101.