Police to target road safety issues in High Peak village

The A6015 Hayfield Road in Birch Vale. Photo: Google.
The A6015 Hayfield Road in Birch Vale. Photo: Google.

Police are to carry out spot checks to target law-breaking motorists, following concerns raised by residents.

People living in the area around the A6015 Hayfield Road in Birch Vale say they are worried about motorists speeding, using their mobile phones and driving without consideration for residents and other road users.

As well as spot enforcement checks, officers from the New Mills and Hayfield Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team are setting up a Community Speed Watch initiative for the area.

PCSO Lee Willows said: “The concerns raised have mostly been in relation to the stretch of the A6015 Hayfield Road from The Grouse Public House towards New Mills, and I would urge drivers in the area to pay attention to their speed, be patient around parked vehicles and to drive with respect for the rules of the road, weather conditions and the safety of others in the area.

“If you use a mobile phone while behind the wheel you are seriously putting yourself and other people at risk. Put your phone away and remember that if caught using a phone behind the wheel you will receive a £200 fine and six points on your licence.”

Community Speed Watch involves volunteers carrying out checks with officers to note any vehicles travelling at excessive speeds using radar guns. A letter is then sent to owners to advise them about their speed and asking them to respect local limits.

Motorists are warned that if they continue to speed they risk a fine, and that the data recorded by the scheme will help officers identify locations for speed detection equipment.

Signs are put up in the area during the checks to ensure drivers are aware of the initiative.

PCSO Willows added: “Community Speed Watch offers local people the chance to get involved in raising awareness of road safety and encouraging motorists to drive within the legal limits. The main aim is to raise awareness of the speed limit on local roads and hopefully make them safer for all.

To get involved or for more information, contact PCSO Lee Willows on 101.