Police praise for crowds at Buxton Carnival

The policing operation over the carnival weekend has been hailed a success.
The policing operation over the carnival weekend has been hailed a success.

Police have praised revellers who attended this year’s Buxton Carnival for their good behaviour.

Officers had been granted additional powers to help them deal with any anti-social behaviour over the carnival weekend.


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But Denis Murphy, High Peak Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant, said the “precautionary” dispersal powers were only required on two occasions.

“There will always be issues around the extra demand placed on emergency services with the celebration of a large carnival like Buxton’s and there is always a small minority of people who will behave badly, Sgt Murphy explained.

“We have to deal with these individuals as well as trying to keep everyone else safe and, with our dwindling resources challenged by a number of significant operational demands, this was not easy.

“Nevertheless, I would again pay tribute to the community of Buxton for their good behaviour at the carnival. This year, most people got into the spirit of things and there was very little need for enforcement or other positive interventions.”

Sgt Murphy said the policing operation had been successful in keeping reported incidents of anti-social behaviour to a minimum.

He added: “I would pay tribute to Richard Lower and the carnival committee for their great professionalism in organising the parade so efficiently and to the marshals for their staffing of the road closures. It can be a thankless job and they invariably perform their duties with good humour and tact.