Police issue warning after tools are stolen from Grindleford

Police seek witnesses to crash
Police seek witnesses to crash

Police are appealing for information after a large quantity of power tools were stolen from a van in Grindleford.

Sometime between midnight last Wednesday and 7am the following morning, offenders broke into a red Ford Transit van parked on Main Road.

Thieves made off with a large quantity of tools including three cordless drills and attachments, a saw and toolbox.

Anyone with information about the incident or who knows the whereabouts of the tools should call Derbyshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 080 555 111.

Following on from the crime, police have issued the following advice to tradespeople:

• Before leaving your vehicle unattended, double check that the windows are up and it is properly locked and secure;

• Remove all valuables from your vehicle whenever possible and wipe away any suction marks left behind by sat-nav or phone holders

• Thieves know where to look so avoid leaving valuables in your boot, glove box or under the front seat

• Mark tools and valuable items with a security marking fluid such as Smartwater

• Park in a garage, driveway or well-lit area where possible and if you have a car alarm make sure it is enabled