Police issue warning after quad thefts near Buxton

A quad similar to one of the vehicles stolen.
A quad similar to one of the vehicles stolen.

Police are warning quad owners in Derbyshire to be vigilant after recent thefts.

Derbyshire Constabulary's rural crime team said there have been two thefts of quads between Hartington and Buxton.

A post on the rural crime team's Facebook page read: "Someone's clearly out there having a successful time burgling and the chances are that it will continue until something happens to stop them.

"To anyone out there with a quad, please do what you can to keep them secure. Just to give an illustration how determined these theives are, this latest one involved a substantial side panel of a barn being breached to get in. This was in spite of the owner having gone to considerable lengths with other security measures.

"Locks, alarms and trackers will impede and hopefully locate a thief so please get in touch if you want any advice. We have a discount code for a good tracker company."