Pint-sized delivery for milkman Ryan

Ryan Bagnall, Kerry Logan and daughters Ella and Chloe
Ryan Bagnall, Kerry Logan and daughters Ella and Chloe

Milkman Ryan Bagnall may be used to delivering pints but it was a pint-sized delivery he made that really took him by surprise.

On February 11, Ryan was driving his heavily pregnant partner Kerry Logan to Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital when her waters broke as they drove along the A6 near Lyme Park.

Ryan Bagnall and Kerry Logan with daughter Ella

Ryan Bagnall and Kerry Logan with daughter Ella

And when the couple hit a queue of traffic, Kerry knew they wouldn’t make it to the hospital so told Ryan to pull over near to the Red Lion pub in High Lane.

Five minutes later, Ryan, who works for Dale Road Dairy, delivered daughter Ella, after taking instructions from midwives over the phone.

Thankfully, everything went well and little Ella, who weighed 7lb 2oz, was then taken with her mum to Stepping Hill to be checked over.

Reflecting on the drama back home in Sterndale Moor, Ryan, 26, said: “It was a bit traumatic. It’s definitely not something you expect to be doing.”

And Kerry, 29, added: “We panicked a bit in case anything went wrong and that was what was scary about it because we didn’t want to have her before anyone turned up to help in case there was anything wrong. Luckily she kept crying and crying so we knew she was alright.

“It was very uncomfortable. I was in the front seat and couldn’t even move because I was in so much pain.”

Kerry and Ryan, who also have a 19-month-old daughter, Chloe, had attended Stepping Hill Hospital the previous night but had been sent home, before returning in the early hours of the next morning.

She added: “I’d said before that Stepping Hill is a long way away when you’re in labour. I’d had Chloe in Macclesfield but with Ella being due in February, I’d chosen Stepping Hill because if the weather was really bad, it would be easier to get there. I didn’t fancy going over the Macclesfield road if it was snowing.

“It was horrible having to drive past Corbar though. If it had still been open, that is definitely where I would have gone.”

And she joked: “Everyone keeps saying to Ryan that he should have a pay rise because he can deliver babies now!”