PICTURES: Look inside Buxton’s new vinyl cafe

Vinyl Cafe opening, Barbara Morse and Neil McDonald
Vinyl Cafe opening, Barbara Morse and Neil McDonald

Great news for music and cake lovers as a new vinyl café has opened in Buxton.

Coda, which launched on Saturday, is bringing the resurgence for people’s love of vinyl to the Market Street.

Owner Neil McDonald, who also owns a record shop in Macclesfield, said he felt the time was right for a new venture. The 51-year-old said: “The love for vinyl is returning and we wanted to give the people of Buxton somewhere they can access good-quality artists from a wide range of genres.

“There is nowhere even close where you can go and get vinyl music. Stockport, Manchester and Macclesfield are all quite far away, so if you don’t drive you are looking at spending a tenner on transport before you have bought anything, which is wrong.

“Higher Buxton is getting a new vibe with places like 53 Degrees, Gilbert’s and South 16 - it is feeling more and more like Manchester’s Northern Quarter - so we wanted to open up here.”

The café on South Avenue is open between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday, and 11am to 4pm on Sundays, bank and public holidays.

Neil and his partner Barbara Morse will be taking on two staff members to cover shifts on Friday and at weekends.

Neil said: “People are coming back to vinyl, which is great. Those who sold their collections in the 80s and 90s see vinyl as nostalgic, and there are those getting disheartened with downloads as there is nothing to physically hold.

“Artists put a lot of thought into track order and that gets lost in the digital world, but with vinyl the music is made to be listened to in one go and enjoyed as a whole experience.

“We are really excited about this venture and we hope people in the area are too.”