PICTURES: Fun for fans and families at Buxton’s Unicon

Leo and Annie Gabbard.
Leo and Annie Gabbard.

Heroes came to life for a Unicon which was out of this world.

On Sunday, May 13 hundreds of people came to the Devonshire Dome for the fifth Unicon and with many embracing the spitit of the day and dressing up as their favourite characters.

The twice-yearly event proved a hit with all ages and organiser Steven Howard said it was a chance for everyone to be immersed in geeky culture
He said: “It’s always such a great day because its a chance for people to see their heroes come to life and it is great seeing the smiles on the kiddies faces when they see the characters for the first time.

“It is still such a popular event because there is stuff for the fans as well as making it a good day out for families too.

“We like to have something which will appeal to a broad range of fans and I think we certainly did; from the photo props to the retro gaming consoles we made an exciting day across the generations.”

To keep fans entertained there were guest talks from famous faces as well as the chance to sit on the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones and have pictures taking with Stars Wars props which Steven said were the many people’s highlights.

Steven said: “Groot made a special appearance at 1pm - the costume is so heavy that he could only come out and meet fans once but when he shouted ‘I am Groot’ everyone dropped what they were doing and mobbed around him.

“It was the same when Pikachu came out to say hello, everyone was around him wanting pictures.”

Outside the Dome there was classic 80s nostalgia with Kit from Knight Rider and the A-Team but also Fast and Furious cars for the followers of the cult movie franchise.

Steven added: “It was once again a great experience and we do it to make people happy and I didn’t hear anyone say a bad word about the event so that makes it all worth while.”