Petition calls for greater transparency over Buxton’s mineral water supply

St Ann's Well Buxton
St Ann's Well Buxton

A petition which was launched in response to Buxton’s St Anne’s Well being turned off for nine days has already received more than 4,000 signatures.

It was started by Iami Ravenstone, known as Gary, earlier this week who says far too often the flow of water is being turned off from the Lion’s Mouth.

He said: “This is a free and natural spring and shouldn’t be tampered with.

“The fact that over the past few months since building work on The Crescent has started, the well has been switched off more and more just isn’t right.”
The electronic petition know as the ‘Buxton Water Scandal’ is calling for more transparency from High Peak Borough Council and Nestlé Waters regarding Buxton’s water source has already got 4,200 signatures in just over 24 hours.

Gary said: “I honestly feel Nestlé Waters is ruining our town, we built our history on our mineral water but it was sold off to a big company for profit which I feel is wrong.”
For centuries the town authorities are obliged to maintain public access to the natural spring water under the Enclosure Act of 1772 and local people fill containers from the well.

Gary said: “I don’t drink tap water - I don’t like the additives which are put in it - but I shouldn’t have to be forced to keep buying bottled water because our natural spring was switched off yet again.”
The Buxton resident says he knows people who travel from all over to take in the waters opposite The Crescent.

On Sunday, from 10am, he will be at the well asking people to sign a paper petition and he will deliver both the electronic and paper versions to both the council and Nestlé Waters.

He said: “We as residents of Buxton have a right to know what is happening to our natural water source. It never used to need such frequent maintenance so why does it now?”
A High Peak Borough Council spokesman said: “The water supply to the lion’s mouth at St Anne’s Well has been turned on again yesterday (Wednesday

9 August).

“The closures this summer are due to work to assess what needs to be done to reconnect the water to the refurbished Pump Room as part of the project to regenerate the Crescent and celebrate Buxton’s heritage and its close association with the thermal spring waters.

“We are confident that, once we have determined the best way to provide the new outlet, the supply to the St Anne’s Well will be disrupted much less frequently.

“We understand the frustration felt by people at the frequency of the closures this summer and we are working to minimise this and to make sure we are keeping people informed.

“In the meantime, we’d like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding.”

A spokesman for Nestlé Waters said: “High Peak Borough Council manage the water supply and maintain the free access at St Anne’s Well, Buxton. Nestle Waters have a license agreement with the Council to bottle water from the Buxton Source.

“St Anne’s well is a vital part of the Buxton community and we firmly believe people should continue to have free access. We will continue to work with the Council and play our part to ensure Buxton natural mineral water source is available for future generations to continue to enjoy.”

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