Pet owners’ warning after dog falls at landmark Buxton site

Solomons Temple in Buxton. Photo: Victor Gibbons.
Solomons Temple in Buxton. Photo: Victor Gibbons.

A woman whose dog suffered serious injuries after a fall from Solomon’s Temple has issued a warning to other pet owners.

Anne Scott was walking her cocker spaniel Kelty last Wednesday at the site when the dog slipped from the top of the tower to grass banking below.

The pooch was taken to a local vets and received treatment before getting the all-clear to return home earlier this week.

The incident is the latest in a series of falls that dog owners have been reporting around the site of Solomon’s Temple.

Mrs Scott, from Chelmorton, says Kelty was lucky not to suffer a more serious injury.

She said: “I don’t often go up to Solomon’s Temple so it was a rare trip up there.

“She (Kelty) followed my grand-daughter up to the top and then suddenly slipped over the edge.

“She was very shocked obviously but people up there were very helpful and helped carry her down to get straight off to the vets.”

The incident is the latest in a series of dog-related injuries at the historic site.

Kate Mincher, practice manager at New Mills-based Grove Veterinary Group, says Kelty’s accident is not the first of its kind.

She said: “Over the last few years there’s been a few cases of dogs either slipping or jumping over the top of Solomon’s Temple.

“We’ve no idea why this is and it’s quite bizarre really.

“Obviously the dogs can end up being very poorly.

“It’s such a lovely site and we certainly don’t want to discourage dog walkers from going up there.

“All we would say is that we’d urge people to not let their dogs off the leads when going up the tower.

“They need to be aware of the danger of going up there without a lead.

“It’s quite a height and it can, as proven, cause serious injuries.”

Kate said that the vets, in conjunction with wardens situated at Solomon’s Temple, are set to put up notices warning dog walkers of the dangers.

She added: “We are looking to get a temporary notice put up and we’re happy to pay for this.

“We want to do what we can to prevent this from happening again.”