Volunteers prepare to give Buxton a Big Spring Clean

John and Tina Heathcote cleaning a signpost in The Crescent.
John and Tina Heathcote cleaning a signpost in The Crescent.

Buxton Town Team volunteers are inviting young and old to take part in its Big Spring Clean on Saturday.

Teams will spend two hours around the town washing road and street signs, parking meters, litter bins, bus shelters, post boxes – anything that people look at or touch.

The clean-up campaign will get Buxton ready for the spring fair, well dressing and the summer festivals for residents and visitors to enjoy the town.

The Town Team is asking people to take along plenty of elbow grease, rubber gloves, buckets, scrubbing brushes, long sweeping brushes, plastic milk containers full of water, step stools and anything else they can think of that will help to spruce-up Buxton for the spring and summer.

Some materials will be supplied for those who need them.

Turner’s Memorial and the Taylor Well have been restored and a special ceremony to mark the turning on of the waters is being held at 12.15pm.

For more information find the Town Team at buxtontownteam.org or on Facebook.

Participants can gather either at Turner’s Memorial at the bottom of the Slopes or on St Peter’s Green, Fairfield, at 10am on the day.