Transition group wants to make Whaley Bridge 'fairer and more sustainable'

Lorrie Marchington
Lorrie Marchington

A transition group has been set up in Whaley Bridge to make the town 'fairer and more sustainable'.

The new community interest company - called Acclimatise Whaley - seeks to get the whole community involved in reducing the town's carbon footprint.

Lorrie Marchington

Lorrie Marchington

Transition towns aim to create a circular economy where food is grown locally and items are shared where possible - reducing the demand for new products and the carbon-based transport they rely on.

Acclimatise Whaley - set up by a group of six people including former academic Lorrie Marchington - are urging other people in the town to get involved.

Grandmother-of-two Lorrie, 70, said she and other members - one of whom is in charge of sustainability for Manchester's Metrolink - want to 'engage people in Whaley and make it a better place to live'.

She said: "It's imperative that we change the way we do things in terms of our carbon use and we have already began putting things in place.

"We have an arrangement with cafes where people can fill up water bottles but we're hoping to do much more than that.

"We want to prepare the way for people to make changes in their behaviour by sharing information."

Acclimatise Whaley are inviting experts to give talks on a number of carbon-cutting innovations - such as home insulation, electric vehicles, community food growing and sharing items such as machinery and tools and even clothes.

As part of their plan to inspire the community the group hope to run field trips for school children to visit a member's beehive - where they will learn about the essential role bees play in the environment.

Lorrie said: "Just insulating buildings can remove a massive amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

"But we have a huge shortage of people with the right skills to provide it in the High Peak so we're hoping we can bring jobs as a result.

"There are some huge grants available for community energy production - with a good piece of land it would be possible to install solar or wind energy equipment."

Acclimatise Whaley hope to grow their membership and get the community involved in making the town more sustainable.

They will have a stand at Whaley Bridge Carnival on June 29 at 2pm.

For more information or to get involved visit or email