Start date announced for damaged Buxton culvert repairs

Heavy rain led to flooding in the Lightwood Road area of the town
Heavy rain led to flooding in the Lightwood Road area of the town

A start date for the £75,000 Buxton culvert repair works has been announced by Derbyshire County Council.

Work will begin on what has been described an ‘unprecedented case’ on Tuesday, August 27 with the cost being met by DCC and the Environment Agency.

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A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said: “We’ve been working with the Environment Agency to identify a solution to repair the damage to the culvert, which was discovered after recent heavy rain and flooding in the area.

“The culvert runs beneath properties in the Lightwood Road area and is owned by a number of different private landowners. Maintenance and repair of the culvert is the responsibility of these landowners.

“These are exceptional circumstances, with up to 130 properties at risk of flooding should the culvert collapse before it is repaired.

“In this unprecedented case, as funding to resolve the problem through the usual channels would take an unacceptable time to arrange, together with the Environment Agency we have agreed to carry out the repairs and jointly cover the costs. This will ensure that the repairs can be completed as quickly as possible.

“Work will start on Tuesday 27 August and is estimated to cost in the region of £75,000.”

The residents of 30 homes and two businesses on Lightwood Road in Buxton were hit by flash floods last month, two people and one business are still unable to go back into their properties. This led to the discovery of a damaged stone culvert which carries Hogshaw Brook underneath the properties, sparking fears it could potentially collapse.

High Peak MP Ruth George said: “This is a very worrying time for people who have seen their homes and businesses flooded.

“We also need to know more about the reasons for the flood. There is a possibility the work by Network Rail at Hogshaw Sidings has increased the run-off into Hogshaw Brook and I have asked the Environment Agency if they will investigate whether more could be done to prevent this and further flooding in future.”

Leader of High Peak Borough Council Councillor Anthony McKeown added: “I feel truly sorry for the folk who have only just found out about the culverts.

“Going forward we will be raising awareness so more people check their properties for culverts as this funding may cover people now but it won’t be there in the future.”