Return of Beast from the East: Midlands will be 'worst affected' as freezing vortex of air descends from the Arctic

The Beast from the East is back- and could bring it with the coldest winter we've seen in the Midlands in 30 years.

The Beast, which saw temperatures plummet as low as -14C in some parts of the UK last year, could descend in 'less than four months and remain for weeks', say scientists.

It's all thanks to a freezing vortex of air that will make its way down from the Arctic.

And the Midlands could be worst affected- researchers from University College London say there is a '57 per cent chance the central England temperature will be colder than in 2018' when the Beast from the East returns.

In the meantime, the region could enjoy an Indian Summer thanks to hot pressure moving down from the west.

Forecasters say this September has the potential to be one of the hottest ever, with temperatures peaking at 26C in some parts.

The Beast from the East in Chesterfield last year.

The Beast from the East in Chesterfield last year.