No heating or hot water for eight weeks at Buxton’s Cavendish Hospital

Buxton's Cavendish Hospital
Buxton's Cavendish Hospital

Essential maintenance work at Buxton’s Cavendish Hospital will see the heating and hot water taps turned off for eight weeks while repair works take place.

The work on the boiler will start on Monday, August 12 and is expected to take two months to complete but it could be done within six weeks.
There will be temporary measures in place to provide hot water for inpatients on Fenton Ward however the ward will be operating on a reduced capacity during this time as it will only be able to provide enough showers for six patients instead of the eight it can accommodate now.
Media manager for the Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust,  Rebecca Beedie, said: “Before the winter sets in we need to carry out maintenance to the boiler room at Cavendish Hospital, to safeguard the heating and hot water supplies for the winter months and beyond. 

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“The work has been planned as part of routine but essential maintenance by our estates team who look after facilities management across all of the sites run by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust.”
The Trust insists the work will have no impact on care, apart from a slight temporary limitation on the maximum number of inpatients  and wants patients to continue to come for scheduled appointments in this time as outpatients services will continue as normal, although the toilet facilities will have cold tap water only. 
But the Trust state its infection prevention control team have been consulted and ‘assurances given that washing hands with soap and using the correct technique is equally effective, whatever the water temperature’.

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Rebecca Beedie added: “By taking this planned approach and ensuring the boiler is maintained in good condition for the cold months later in the year we are doing our best to safeguard against any boiler room breakdowns which would have a much more severe impact on the hospital’s patients and staff.
“We are sorry for the inconvenience but feel it is necessary to do this work now when we can prepare for it and it causes the least possible disruption.”