'Jobsworth' guard prevents Buxton passengers boarding train until 30 seconds before departure because he was 'on a break'


A Burbage pensioner has told how a 'jobsworth' train guard made passengers wait until 30 seconds before departure to board their carriage because he was 'on a break'.

Felicity Dobson, 77, waited in pouring rain with several other passengers on Platform 2 at Buxton Railway Station - hearing the driver 'rev' the train engine with just one minute until departure.

Former NHS dietician said she had 'pleaded' with the driver of Northern Rail's Manchester Piccadilly train to be allowed to board at 1.01pm on July 6 in time for departure at 1.02pm.

The doors remained locked however the guard finally arrived 'about 30 seconds before the train was due to leave' and all passengers boarded the train.

However Felicity claims when she complained to the guard as he checked her tickets he told her 'he was on his half-hour break' and 'he was having and finishing his break'.

She said: "He then delivered the most jobsworths tirade I have ever heard.

"He was basically saying he had arrived 30 seconds before the train was due to leave and sod the sodden passengers - it was 'all good' from his point of view.

"But to get to the train 30 seconds before it was about to leave is not good enough for me.

"Why on earth didn't the guard open the doors and then go back and finish his break - or is this too much to ask?"

Mother-of-two Felicity, who was visiting her son in Stockport for a cinema trip at the time, told how she and other passengers were becoming increasingly 'stressed' as ' we honestly felt the train was going to go without us'

She said: "It was very frightening - there were a couple of lads beside us who were showing us how to open the door using an emergency lever.

"But I'm sure if we had used it we would have been prosecuted.

"Both guard and driver are quite aware how dangerous I thought their behaviour was and that I am writing to Norther Rail and I intend to pursue this matter."

A spokesman for Northern said: “We are sorry that the customer’s journey was made more stressful than it should have been.

"We have initiated an investigation into this incident and would request that she has contacted Northern directly so we can personally apologise and update her of any outcome.”