High Peak Labour branded ‘rotten’ over anti-Semitic social media posts

Kasey Carver, Gareth Scott, with band Pig in the Middle - Alison Chabloz, Ralf Smethhurst and Sylvia Dunn - and Ross Coughlan.
Kasey Carver, Gareth Scott, with band Pig in the Middle - Alison Chabloz, Ralf Smethhurst and Sylvia Dunn - and Ross Coughlan.

The High Peak Labour Party has been branded ‘rotten’ by Conservative parliamentary candidate Robert Largan following allegations of anti-Semitism against one of its council election candidates.

Since Kasey Carver’s candidacy was announced a picture has emerged which shows her supporting a pro-Palestine event alongside Alison Chabloz, who was convicted over anti-Semitic songs.

The 2014 photo shows her at a Glossop Kids For Gaza event at Glossop Labour Club arm-in-arm with Chabloz and her folk band Pig in the Middle.

Chabloz was convicted of three charges relating to the songs in May last year and since Kasey’s selection screen grabs of anti-Semitic posts she made on her Facebook account have been circulated online.

The posts - now more than three years old and since deleted - included a link to a blog post about ‘Zionist influence on the BBC’ while another indicated she supported a conspiracy theory that Israel supports ISIS.

The post reads (SIC): “Various indications of Israeli support for ISIS in the past but this is looking more convincing”.

Since the news emerged the High Peak Labour Party has stood firmly behind colleague Kasey - the Glossop St John’s Ward candidate for High Peak Borough Council.

Chairman Fiona Sloman said Kasey had apologised for the posts on Facebook and she had been ‘instrumental’ in action being taken against Chabloz.

She also confirmed Kasey remained an election candidate and no further action was being taken.

She said: “She realised what this woman (Chabloz) was and took action against it - I really think things have moved on a bit.

“We’re more than happy with her explanation and that she has apologised - she has since undergone (anti-Semitism) training.”

However since the embarrassing news about Kasey’s posts and association with Chabloz another High Peak Labour Party member has been outed making anti-Jewish posts on social media.

In a screen-grabbed tweet from 2014 New Mills town councillor David Aris-Sutton refers to ‘child bombing, land grabbing JEWS’.

High Peak Labour Party chairman Fiona Sloman told the Advertiser David had been suspended from the party due to an unrelated matter.

Fiona said the party knew nothing about the tweet and he was not a member of the party when he wrote it.

David has so far been unavailable for comment but he posted on his Twitter account yesterday (Thursday) saying the five-year-old tweet had been ‘screenshotted out of context’

He wrote (SIC): “(It) is being used to paint me as an anti semite. Honestly if this is Twitter I don’t know why I’m bothering”.

Speaking about recent events within Labour, the High Peak Conservative candidate Robert Largan said: “Something is rotten in High Peak Labour Party.

“This is yet another local anti-Semitism incident following Ruth George’s appalling comments earlier this year.

“Given that Ruth George has been fully aware of Ms Carver’s deeply offensive comments and her links to convicted holocaust denier Alison since at least May 2018 it is truly remarkable that she has been selected as an official Labour candidate.”

Ruth George MP said: “I have opposed racism and anti-Semitism my whole life - as a trade unionist and as an MP.

“Last year I took a group of young people from Glossop and Buxton on a visit to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust to help spread the message among everyone in High Peak how important it is to combat anti-Semitism.

“I regularly meet and speak with the Jewish Leadership Council in Parliament about combating anti-Semitism and am clear there is no place for it in High Peak Labour Party.

“That is why every allegation made - including those going back several years before people were members or activists in the Labour Party - are fully investigated and dealt with by the Party’s legal unit.

“As the trustee of an international disaster aid charity Kasey Carver helped to organise fundraising events for international disasters at some of which Alison Chabloz’s group performed.

“When Glossop Labour Club was made aware of Alison Chabloz’s anti-Semitism Kasey played a leading role in getting her expelled as a member of Glossop Labour Club in early 2016.

“The complaints against Kasey were investigated by the party’s legal and compliance unit last year and her explanation and apology were accepted.

“I was unaware of the comments made by David Aris-Sutton on Twitter several years ago but they will now be investigated.”