High Peak Borough council declares climate emergency

Climate campiagners outside Buxton Town Hall last month
Climate campiagners outside Buxton Town Hall last month

A climate emergency has been declared by High Peak Borough Council along with a pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The motion was put forward by Green Party councillor Joanna Collins and backed by all parties at a full council meeting on Tuesday.

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She said: “Unless we take serious action on climate change now, it will be too late. Our children and young people will not be able to stop its effects – and they won’t forgive us.

“Scientists have known for many years that human activity is changing the world’s climate. Now we can see it happening at local level and have no more excuses for inaction. We know many people are already taking action, and we can build on that.”

The council says protecting the environment is at the heart of its plans for the next four years and a corporate plan has been set out to try and achieve this.

The four key themes are; supporting communities to create a healthier, safer, cleaner High Peak; a responsive, smart, financially resilient and forward thinking council; protecting and creating jobs by supporting economic growth, development and regeneration; and protecting and improving the environment including responding to the climate emergency.

Council leader, Councillor Anthony Mckeown, said: “This Corporate Plan is an ambitious programme that recognises the council’s broader role and the need to work in partnership to support local people, enable the development of the local economy and protect our environment while ensuring we are getting value for money for council tax payers.

“In setting these priorities we have had the people, communities and businesses of the borough at the forefront of our plans and we look forward to getting on with delivering our vision and making sure the council is on their side.”

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Responding to the declaration of a climate emergency, councillor Jean Todd, the authority’s first executive member for climate change, added: “Climate change, and how we respond to it, is the key issue of our times and by declaring a climate emergency we have taken the first steps towards tackling it.

“The scale of the task cannot be under-estimated but we are determined to work together to draw up an effective action plan aimed at achieving a carbon neutral borough by 2030.”