Former Buxton student Jade writes and publishes first novel at age 20

An inspirational former Buxton student has shared her story after writing and publishing her first novel at the age of 20.

By Lucy Roberts
Thursday, 4th March 2021, 1:05 pm
Jade Tideswell studied media at Buxton and Leek College.
Jade Tideswell studied media at Buxton and Leek College.

Since leaving Buxton and Leek College, former media student Jade Tideswell has done what many only dream of – written and published a book, all while embarking of a burgeoning media career.

Entitled ‘What If Bowie Were A Woman?’, Jade’s book is a fictional biography experience through the eyes of rock star Penny Jones.

Although Jade is only 20 years old, this is not her first attempt at writing a book – she’s actually penned 20 – although this is her first published novel.

Jade said: “’What if Bowie Were a Woman?’ explores the question of whether gender can influence people's chances at succeeding in their careers.

“And as the title suggests it switches an already famed androgynous figure like Bowie into a digestible 'female' character.”

During the page-turner, protagonist Penny navigates her way through her career in the music industry and her journey through womanhood.

Jade was inspired by her dad to write the book.

She said: “My dad was actually the one who came home one day and said the words: ‘what if bowie were a woman.’

"It feels quite dramatic to say that those words changed my life, but they did. My mind got completely carried away, and, well… I guess here we are, with a published book.”

It took Jade six months to write her first draft and a further 12 months getting it ready for publication.

She said: “Because I self-published, there was a lot more editing than I’ve ever done before. It’s been the longest process I’ve been on with a book.

"I made the conscious decision to self-publish, and I think it’s the best decision I made.”

“There were a few reasons behind my decision, but ultimately, with the message of the book being: ‘stick it to the man and do it yourself’; it felt hypocritical of me to sell my soul to a publishing house.”

‘What if Bowie Were a Woman?’ written by Kitty Riggs, Jade’s pen name, is available to buy on Amazon now.