Fairfield junior school fights back to ‘Good’ after ‘requiring improvement’ twice

Headteacher Jayne Mercer with children from the school.
Headteacher Jayne Mercer with children from the school.

Fairfield Endowed CofE Junior School has been graded as ‘Good’ by Ofsted after being found to require improvement during it’s last two inspections.

Headteacher Jayne Mercer has said she is ‘more than pleased’ with the result after inspectors described the school as a ‘haven for families encountering difficulties’.

Jayne told how since being rated as requiring improvement in 2014 and 2017 staff had undertaken training to become a good school and ‘care for the children’s needs really well’.

Ofsted’s 2014 report described teaching as ‘inconsistent’ in some year groups while teachers were not checking whether their plans for improvement were working.

The 2017 report found teachers did not always check work set was correctly matched to pupils’ abilities.

However the latest inspection in April found the curriculum to be ‘stimulating and engaging’ and ‘enriched by experiences that capture the pupils’ interest’.

Inspectors noted how staff ensured the safety and well-being of pupils was given the ‘highest priority’ and the school ‘provides effective support for families and pupils’.

The Ofsted report also read how ‘leadership at all levels is good’ and ‘middle and subject leaders are effective and staff morale is high’

Speaking about the latest report headteacher Jayne said: “We’ve met all the areas set out for improvement that Ofsted asked but we’ve done more than that.

“The report recognises the work the school does in terms of supporting pupils through academic work and nurturing development.

“It compliments staff on their hard work and the way we run our school for the community - it’s a solidly good report which recognises the efforts the school goes to.”

Inspectors recommended encouraging pupils to read widely and regularly and reducing errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar to improve further.