Derbyshire police volunteer dedicates 1,200 hours to helping NHS during pandemic

A Derbyshire police volunteer has been praised after working more than 1,200 hours for the NHS during the pandemic.

By Lucy Roberts
Tuesday, 23rd February 2021, 10:04 am
Vince Parker
Vince Parker

Vince Parker, usually a police support volunteer (PSV), was forced to temporarily stop providing his services to the police for safety purposes and to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

In that time, Vince has thrown himself into volunteering for the NHS.

Vince said: “I started volunteering with Derbyshire Constabulary because I’ve always had an interest in the police, so I thought what a good way to see the other side of policing to see what goes on what the everyday public don’t get to see.

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“I’ve been a PSV now for a little over six years, where I started off doing the CCTV around Amber Valley. Since then I’ve done lots of other things from making sure the response cars are stocked up and road-worthy, to doing roleplays with new recruits, and for just over a year now I’ve been a cadet leader with the Chesterfield cadets.”

Vince’s dedication to his role meant that he really felt the impact of the restrictions.

He said: “I hated when volunteering was stopped due to Covid. I understood why but hated it. To go from doing what I’ve done every week for six years to that being suddenly stopped, I needed something else to do.

“That’s why I signed up to be an NHS volunteer responder, so that somehow I could keep on helping out the best I could.”

Every so often, Vince will get a notification through an app that tells him someone needs his help.

Once he accepts the task, he will then be sent that person’s number to contact and arrange support.

Vince said: “It’s usually someone that needs some shopping fetching or some advice, or even just a chat. So you help out just a little bit, but it makes a big difference to someone who has to isolate or has to stay shielded.”

More recently, Vince has also been marshalling at vaccination centres.Assistant chief constable Michelle Shooter said: “Vince is a really valued member of our PSV family.

"He is a very active, hands on volunteer who will happily get involved with anything asked of him.“I was humbled to hear of how he has put himself forward as an NHS volunteer in the meantime.“I look forward to thanking him in person as soon as we are able to, but until then I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a commendable contribution, and I hope everyone will join me in saying a heartfelt thanks to him for his service to the NHS.”