Buxton resident fears ‘utter chaos’ when new A6 roundabout is built

The A6 Fairfield Common in Buxton.
The A6 Fairfield Common in Buxton.

A worried Buxton resident is demanding a meeting to properly discuss the impact a new A6 roundabout would have on people who live in the area.

Proposals for the roundabout and new connecting road on Fairfield Common have been put forward by Derbyshire County Council to create access for future housing developments in the Hogshaw area to the west of the A6 and on land to the south of Waterswallows Road and east of Tongue Lane.

But Henry Kukiewicz, who lives on St Peter’s Road in Fairfield, said many residents still had unanswered questions about the project.

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He said: “A lot of people are only just waking up and realising what is going to be happening on their doorsteps and we need to be able to ask questions.”

Government-backed housing organisation Homes England is providing two-thirds of the £3m total cost of the project, with the remainder being met by developers.

Derbyshire county councillor Simon Spencer, who is responsible for highways, said the development had already been agreed in principal as part of High Peak Borough Council’s Local Plan for the Buxton area.

However planning permission for the roundabout scheme would still need to be agreed and an application is due to be submitted to High Peak Borough Council.

Should the scheme get the go-ahead, work could get underway next year.

Mr Kukiewicz said he felt as though it was a “done deal”, adding: “It’s not on to expect such a major development to go ahead and not be able to speak to the people in charge.

“The town is already struggling. The other week we had Lightwood Road shut for culvert repairs, Dale Road shut for water maintenance and roadworks on Fairfield Road causing gridlock all the way back to Dove Holes, so how will we cope with the actual building of the roundabout? It will be utter chaos.

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“The roundabout is only the first step. Once that has been done hundreds more houses will be built in and around Buxton, and if there is an extra 600 houses in the Fairfield and Hogshaw area that will mean hundreds more extra cars on the road.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said: “We held a public consultation about the proposals over the summer lasting seven weeks.

“If anyone would like further information or to comment they should email gary.thompson@derbyshire.gov.uk.

“The proposals will be subject to planning permission and there will be another opportunity for people to comment as part of the planning process.”