Buxton grandad’s charity skydive for 90th birthday

Alex James who is doing a sky dive.
Alex James who is doing a sky dive.

A daredevil Buxton grandad will take to the skies this weekend to jump out of a plane to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Alex James celebrates the milestone in December and has set his sights on raising money for a charity which helps orphaned and refugee children by doing a tandem skydive on Sunday.

He said the notion of doing a skydive was always at the back of his mind but as he got older the realisation it may not be achieved was becoming greater so at Christmas he decided to go for it.

Modest Alex, from Kents Bank Road Buxton, said: “I’m not brave. To go out on a lifeboat and rescue people stranded in the sea that is brave. To be a surgeon and perform a lifesaving operation for 12 hours with out eating that is brave.

“I’m just jumping out of plane which is definitely more stupid than brave.

“My family were quite surprised as I don’t have a head for heights but they are all very supportive of this daft idea.”

Alex, who used to run the Dandelion Days vegetarian restaurant on Bridge Street with his wife and daughter, says it is just about raising as much money as he can to help others.

He has already raised more than £2,000 for a project called ‘Firm Foundations’, set up by Upbeat Communities - a Derby-based charity which provides support to refugee children and their families.

Alex, who will doing the tandem skydive in Nottinghamshire, said: “I have always had an awareness of migration. I remember refugee children arriving in my home village after the Second World War and my family welcoming them with a warm heart.

“I am very conscious of the global migration crises we are facing right now so please find it in your heart to help those children whose lives have been turned upside down by war and persecution and who deserve the same opportunities in life as any other children to help them reach their potential.”

Alex says he has always had a deep-seated sense of kindness and consideration and strong values of equality, compassion and peace and wants to do something that will help others.

Speaking about the skydive he added: “I don’t have to do anything the pilot will be flying the plane. I’ll be strapped to an experienced skydiver so all I have to do is hold on tight as we jump out.”

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