Buxton band The Indieannas are back with a new album Shadows and Silhouettes

Buxton-based indie band The Indieannas have released a new album - saying it will 'stand up to anything in the charts'.

The band started writing Shadows and Silhouettes four years ago however the loss of drummer Jon Stone and guitarist Charlie Willcox slowed down its release.

Ged Potts and Mark Whibberley, of The Indieannas.

Ged Potts and Mark Whibberley, of The Indieannas.

However singer and guitarist Ged Potts and bassist Mark Whibberley carried on writing together until guitarist Courtney Goddard and drummer Chris Morton signed up.

Goddard and Morton brought their own songs and ideas to the table and the band gelled together to produce the 11-song album - with three songs penned with help from Stone and Willcox.

Ged - who holds down a full-time job as a painter and decorator - said the album had been a 'long haul' but said it would 'stand-up to anything in the charts.'

He said: “I'm happy with it - it's a rock and roll-based record with a lot of guitars and anthemic riffs.

"I put most of the ideas down at home on my own then bring them down to the band room and bounce them off the others.

"So the album's been a real team effort and we all put our penny's worth in.

"I started writing one of the songs in 2002 and finished it in 2012 - it's the last song on the album called Where Did All The Good Times Go, and it's a cracking song.

"The song was a sign of harder times and it's not got much easier to be honest."

Though the band have had some success - having played the Y Not Festival and in front of 8,000 people at Stoke City's Britannia Stadium - Ged admits they have not been the luckiest in the music business.

He said: "We've had a few nice words from the likes of Alan McGee (the Creation Records boss) but I don't think we were cool enough.

"Well I was - it was the other three in the band.

"We were in the right crowd and doing the right things - a lot of the other bands we've played gigs with are doing better than us but probably because they live in a city location.

"But if you just keep going - I just love doing it and will always write.

"If this album gets picked up, well, then you never know - you just keep at it for the love of it."

Shadows and Silhouettes is available for download on Spotify, Amazon and Apple.

The band will be performing their first gig for a while at Buxton's Queen's Head Hotel on May 4, followed by the Spring Fair on May 6.

For more information visit facebook.com/TheIndieannas.