Ark Housing takes action against ‘antisocial’ Fairfield tenants

Alma Street in Fairfield. Image: Google.
Alma Street in Fairfield. Image: Google.

A housing association has revealed it has taken action against some of its tenants in Fairfield following complaints from neighbouring residents over antisocial behaviour.

A 600-strong petition was submitted to High Peak MP Ruth George calling for action against Ark Housing last month, and it has now been confirmed that several people have been evicted.

Local resident Bev Calladine hands a petition to MP Ruth George.

Local resident Bev Calladine hands a petition to MP Ruth George.

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Jon Parsons, of Ark Housing Trust, said: “I can confirm action has been taken against clients of Ark who continued to breach their licence conditions and have been removed from Alma Street in Fairfield.

“I have been working with the police and High Peak Borough Council on this matter and I’m pleased to say the police have seen a drop in the number of antisocial behaviour incidents on Alma Street already which is positive news for the residents, and I hope we can continue to keep these channels of communication open going forward.”

Ark Housing, which has properties in Buxton, Burbage and Harpur Hill, helps people with drug and alcohol issues - or those with mental health difficulties - to lead an independent life.

Since the petition was handed in, Mrs George has met with Ark representatives and members of the High Peak Housing Team.

She said: “I have asked Ark to look into providing more support for their tenants outside normal office hours, which are the times that most problems occur, and to make it clear in their licence agreements that disturbance to neighbours is prohibited and that continued behaviour will result in eviction.

“In spite of that, I’m pleased to hear that Ark has taken action and evicted several people recently due to their antisocial behaviour and I hope this will mean improvements both for neighbours and other Ark residents.”

Mr Parsons continued: “Our combined efforts are part of a new plan which is still being implemented and I will be meeting with the police next month to continue the discussions and make progress.”

Leader of High Peak Borough Council, Coun Anthony McKeown, said: “As easy as it is to moan on social media, incidents have to be reported through the correct channels otherwise we don’t know it’s happening.

“Not all of the problems can be fixed by High Peak Borough Council, some are police matters and some are for Ark Housing.

“I am aware of the problems on Alma Street but we are working with the landlord to come to a resolution where the vulnerable tenants can live safely and so can the nearby residents, and I am hopeful we are heading in the right direction.”

Anyone who needs to report any antisocial behaviour from Ark tenants should ring the housing trust at the time of incident on 01298 930141.