People power prevails over phone mast

Mobile provider, Orange, have made a U-turn on their decision to switch off a telephone mast following uproar from customers.

Residents of Monyash and surrounding areas were left without signal for weeks after Orange – which recently merged with T Mobile to become EE – decommissioned the transmitter on April 22.

Sean Driscoll, who set up a Facebook group, called Orange Mast Switchoff, said: “They told me they switched it off as T–mobile was covering the same area, and since they have merged, this was no longer needed. The only reason most people in this area are with Orange are that they are the only network that works here. Only the orange mast was able to reach us. We currently have zero mobile coverage in Monyash area.”

Gina Bernhoeft, of Church Street, said: “My other half is a plumber and he relies on people calling him to book jobs.”

But yesterday, EE said they had made the decision to switch the transmitter back on permanently.

A spokesman for the company, said: “EE offers customers the UK’s biggest network. In some locations there are sites where mobile phone masts are duplicating coverage for the same customers. After switching off a mast in the Derbyshire Dales area however, our research showed that a small number of customers were adversely affected and the mast has therefore been restored.”