Pensioner’s sky walk for charity

Tony Pegg rides a biplane for charity, but claims it wasn't remotely scary.
Tony Pegg rides a biplane for charity, but claims it wasn't remotely scary.
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A brave octogenarian has earned his wings after fearlessly surfing on the open air atop a biplane – and raising almost £3,000 for charity in the process.

Tony Pegg, 83, from Biggin near Hartington took to the skies for Children with Cancer and was strapped to the top of a biplane for a daring flight in Yorkshire.

The retiree who has worked as a farmer, newsagent, quarrier and chippy owner, also celebrated his diamond wedding anniversary with wife Thelma recently, so how does standing on top of an aeroplane mid flight fit in after the life he’s led?

“It was exciting, but it wasn’t scary. It was a nice day with blue skies and cotton wool clouds,” said the grandfather after his flight at around 500 feet and 140 miles per hour.

“It was actually very funny because I told the pilot I was disappointed he didn’t take a bit more of a steep dive, and he said ‘in your mature years, Tony, I wouldn’t dare. I thought that was a pity.”

“They need to check you’re fit enough, and you can climb on the wing yourself, otherwise they don’t let you on.”

“I’m a bingo caller so I collected some donations there, and my daughter Sally and grandson James have helped me, and together I’ve raised £2,619.”

He raised for Children with Cancer after being touched by a family member who has been affected by cancer in the past, and delivered his sponsorship donations to the charity on July 22.