Peaks pay tribute to ‘Iron Lady’ Thatcher

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Politicians have been paying tribute to the Iron Lady following the news that Margaret Thatcher has passed away.

The country’s opinion is divided as with regards to the controversial Prime Minister’s policies during office between 1979 and 1990.

Baroness Thatcher, died of a stroke while at the Ritz Hotel in London, aged 87.

Chairman of the Peak District National Park Authority Tony Favell commented: “I’m very sad to hear about her death.

“I was a great supporter of her and she was in support of me. She spoke for me during my electing campaign for the role of MP for Stockport, which was nice because she couldn’t go everywhere.

“She was tough and absolutely straight forward but she was voted in three times by the electorate so the people were with her.”

High Peak MP Andrew Bingham commented: “She divided opinion and many took issue with her policies, but she inherited a country in 1979 which was dubbed the sick man of Europe and left it as one of the main economic power centres of the continent.

“She was Britain’s first -–and so far only – female Prime Minister, which in itself was a great achievement.”

Margaret Thatcher visited Buxton in March 1988 for the Conservative Central Council’s annual conference at the Pavilion Gardens.