Peak trio off on Greenland trip

Dr Gina Moseley collects water samples in Marble Arch cave, Northern Ireland
Dr Gina Moseley collects water samples in Marble Arch cave, Northern Ireland
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Three people from the Peak District are preparing for an ambitious project aiming to construct the first record of past climate change from caves in Greenland.

Decorated polar explorer Clive Johnson, from Polarsphere Buxton, project leader, speleologist and geochemist Dr Gina Moseley, a former resident of Litton, and geographic cave photographer Robbie Shone, also formerly of Litton, are aiming to visit the far northeast of Greenland within the Arctic Circle during the summer of 2015.

They are part of a team of five, including two people from Sheffield, who are now looking for the public’s help to raise the remaining £67,000 of expedition costs.

The project, which aims to visit caves and collect samples of calcite and sediment deposits that were deposited during a time when the climate was warmer and wetter than today, is already supported by Ranulph Fiennes and the Transglobe Expedition Trust.

Dr Moseley said: “We have a fantastic opportunity here to improve our knowledge of long-term climate change in the Arctic, and in particular for a period that was warmer than today.

“Besides improving our knowledge of past climate, these results are highly important to scientists that work on predicting what our environment might look like in future warmer years.”

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched at to help the team reach their target. Rewards include Virgin balloon flights.