Parking fees eat into food trade

A PARK and ride system and cheap evening rates are just two of the ideas being put forward to alleviate Buxton’s parking problems.

In 2005, Derbyshire County Councillor Robin Baldry put forward suggestions for a one-way system through Buxton as well as raising the possibility of a park and ride scheme.

He is now calling on councillors to re-visit these plans when they meet later this month for further talks about ways to alleviate the current parking issues in the town.

Cllr Baldry, who is unable to attend the meeting because of a planned operation, said: “Parking in Buxton west cannot be left the same, there have got to be some solutions.

“Some seven years ago, I suggested a plan for a one-way system in Buxton which also included the possibility of a park and ride scheme.

“Since then, I have spent many hours all around the country visiting and watching how they cope with this. From Cornwall to Scotland and from Suffolk to Wales, the same problems arise. Prices vary unbelievably in different places but what works everywhere? Park and Ride.

“We should stop talking and look at ways for doing the same thing around here.”

And he added: “We are losing car parks instead of introducing them. We have more houses coming on stream, more businesses arriving, the Crescent development is now taking shape and pinching some of the car parks which were for residents and visitors alike.

“We are losing parking when we need much more.

“We have so many eating places and drinking houses in town that are not receiving the patronage they should or used to have and why? Because at night, it’s just as expensive as during the day to park.

“Why can we not encourage a family to bring their car into town and, after 6pm, pay a fee of £1 until midnight so they get six hours’ cheap parking.

“Car parks and street parking are not used at the moment so it’s not going to be an expense to either (High Peak or Derbyshire) council, but at least it will mean we have people in and around the town.”