Parked cars cause road safety hazard

CALLS for urgent action have been made over a road safety hazard caused by parked cars in Hayfield.

The long-standing issue was raised again at a meeting of the parish council.

A concerned resident called for urgent action after seeing an increase in parking problems at the top of the village.

“It is getting very bad. I find it very difficult when coming off the relief road into the top of the town,”she told councillors.

“Cars are parking on the left hand side so you are blind. It is just down to single track and you can’t see anything coming.”

She said at the bottom of Highgate Road cars were parking on the corner.”

She asked councillors to keep the issue on their agenda.

“More and more traffic is parking further and further into the road.”

Councillors reported to the meeting that they had raised the issue of parking with Derbyshire County Council highways department.

Cllr Kathleen Waterhouse said they had met on site with officials to show the problems at various locations in the village.

“They were going to monitor it and go away and draw up a plan and come back to us. We are still waiting for that at the moment,” said Cllr Waterhouse.

Another area causing concern is the parking on the grass verge at the cemetery.

Council Chairman Eva Hodgson said: “We have all been very distressed about the state of the grass verge opposite the cemetery. The ruts are getting deeper.

Cllr Waterhouse said: “Derbyshire County Council should be asked to do something about it.”

The parish council is contact highway to highlight the issue again.