Parents in 10K run for baby charity

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A Buxton couple are getting their running shoes on to raise money for a charity that supports the families of premature babies.

Craig and Erin Sharp will be taking part in the Great Manchester Run, a ten kilometre run through the city centre, which takes place on Sunday, May 26.

The pair will be raising money for Bliss, a special care baby charity, which helped them when their youngest son Jack was born 12 weeks early.

Erin’s waters broke early because she caught an infection called Group B Streptococcus while she was pregnant. A couple of weeks after being born, baby Jack got septicaemia and Necrotising Enterocolitis, both very dangerous illnesses.

Erin said: “I was a wreck when Jack was first born. His illness meant he had to go to Manchester hospital where he was put on life support and had to have 11 blood transfusions, but the amazing hospital staff and the support of Bliss and my mum got me through it.”

Jack also had surgery to have a surgical line fitted and his lungs had to be bagged to get him breathing again. Despite going through so much at such an early age, Jack has recovered and is now in good health.

Erin continued: “Now I have learnt and grown so much and I want to raise awareness about Strep B, and for Bliss.”

Bliss provides vital support and free advice to families of babies born premature and sick, and they supported Craig and Erin while Jack was in hospital.

For further information on the work carried out by Bliss visit the charity’s website or call 0500 618140 for advice and support.