Forget the bus - a taxi is cheaper!

As you are all aware it is the school holidays and I need to get out and about with my children aged 12 and nine.

I have been informed by Stagecoach that a dayrider is the way to go at £2.70 for an adult - but I will have to buy two of the same tickets for my two children - total £8.10.

If they were over 14, and had a b-line 2 card, they could have a Dayrider for £1.80.

Not a great saving but one all the same.

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“See Derbyshire County Council” was their justification statement so I rang them and it is correct.

How on earth can they justify such a thing?

Even the man at the council said it’s probably cheaper to get a taxi. Has the world gone mad - I think so.

May I ask a simple question - Why can’t there be a child dayrider ticket for under -14’s?

A simple answer would be appreciated.

Julie Drury