LETTER: Where have the road markings gone?

Derbyshire County Council are the maintainers of our highways but where have all the road markings gone?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 19th February 2016, 5:30 pm
M1 roadworks
M1 roadworks

Vanished through wear and tear due to the passing of traffic.

It is Derbyshire County Council’s obligation to maintain our highways but due to the so-called “cutbacks” they are failing in their responsibilities over the upkeep of our roads network.

Potholes have been patched up but are reappearing. Road markings are part and parcel of the Government Transport Legislation.

The mini roundabout at the bottom of Fairfield Road has gone; keep left bollards - gone; junction markings - gone; school zig zags - gone; central lane markings - gone. Buxton also as a driver test centre, the Highway Code explains the concept of road markings but there are none. Come on DCC, show us drivers some compassion.

After all, there may be “cut backs” but you are still getting paid through our rising council taxes.

K. Holmes (concerned motorist)

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