One World Festival’s comeback is a big success

Bubble fun at One World Festival.
Bubble fun at One World Festival.

Families had fun in the sun at the One World Festival in New Mills.

Despite the festival clashing with World Cup quarter-final, the field was packed all day with people enjoying the food, music and company.

Bubble fun at One World Festival.

Bubble fun at One World Festival.

The festival took a break last year due to a lack of volunteers, but an outcry from locals led to a surge in people willing to help run it and the festival returned.

Patrick Bartley from Shady Gringos, a psychedelic punk band who performed at the

festival said; “It’s been been amazing.”

Patrick, whose dad lives in New Mills, complimented the community feel to the area. He said: “As soon as we get here, people are asking you if you’re alright, if you need anything. When you’re in London, no one even wants to look at you.”

Other bands performing at the festival included Lovehearts, The Gally Canters, Dirty Jezebels and Holly Marland.

The theme for this year’s festival was “Make New Mills Fantastic, Try to Use Less Plastic”, working with Transition New Mills as part of their Rethink Plastic New Mills project to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill or in water sources.

During the festival, people were asked for their Plastic Pledge – what they will do in their life to help reduce the plastic they use. Suggestions included using shampoo bars instead of bottles, reducing the use of ready meals in plastic containers and using cloth nappies.

The fun-filled day also included stalls, talks, bands, face painting, fun with bubbles, biscuit decorating and more.

In addition to the main stage, the festival hosted two conversation and acoustic tents, hosting a number of bands, activities and talks on the topic of peace, the environment, cultural diversity, sustainability and world development.

Talks in the conversation tents included High Peak Foodbank, which works with individuals in crisis situations in the High Peak area to give them a better future and Jane & Liz Plastic Gurus talking inspiration and strategies to enable individuals, businesses, schools and organisations of all sizes to use less plastic.

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