Olympic role for county police

OFFICERS from Derbyshire Police are set to travel to London to help with the policing operation for the Olympic Games.

More than 50 police forces across the country have worked together to staff the 105-day national policing operation, which begins on June 4 and runs until September 16.

Derbyshire Constabulary will support the operation by providing officers to assist for a total of 101 days.

Final planning for their deployments is now underway, but the majority of officers will assist the Metropolitan Police and Dorset Police, which have the largest Games operations.

Derbyshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Dee Collins said: “The people of Derbyshire should see no difference at all in the levels of policing in the county.

“Although some of our officers are helping in other areas of the country our core policing will not suffer.

“Time off for officers has been limited so that we can cover the gaps left by those who are working specifically on Olympic duties.”

The commitment of Derbyshire Police varies each day, ranging from a maximum of 101 officers down to just one officer on other days.

However, planning for the operation is still ongoing.