‘Olympian’ bid to aid charities

Buxton Rotary Club is planning to make this a bumper “Olympic” year for local charities and voluntary organisations many of which struggle for support and funding.

Austerity and spending cuts threaten provision for young and old alike and often place increasing expectations on the voluntary sector.

Local charities and voluntary groups are at the heart of our community yet find it increasingly difficult to attract support and funding for their valuable work. So, as part of its community service programme Buxton Rotary Club will be hiring the Octagon Ballroom in the Pavilion Gardens for its annual Summer Fair and Charity Bazaar.

Already, over 100 invitations have been sent to local groups ranging from local charities to youth organisations, parent teacher associations, church groups and community groups of all types.

Stalls will be available for the sale of goods or other fund raising activities or simply for awareness raising or attracting supporters.

As one regular stall holder said: “Without Rotary we would never be able to benefit from an event like this in such a prestigious and high profile venue.”

Last year 46 organisations took part, some raising over £300. But Rotary is concerned that there are still voluntary organisations around that are struggling for support and could benefit from taking part.

As organiser Lyn Noble said: “However much or little you make it’s a great day out.

“There’s a great sense of camaraderie and good will amongst stall holders and visitors alike which helps to make it all worthwhile.”

This year’s Summer Fair and Charity Bazaar will take place on Saturday June 2. Buxton Rotary Club is confident that its Olympic year and Jubilee Weekend event will be more successful than ever and enable our fantastic local voluntary groups to achieve their aims.

For further information and entry details contact Lyn Noble on 01298 71309.