The mystery of life and death

BUXTON Opera House is hosting a discussion into whether there is life after death when Psychic & Science comes to the venue on Wednesday October 12, at 7.30pm.

This unique show has one aim – to try to answer the question, ‘Is there life after death?’ From TV’s Most Haunted, paranormal historian Richard Felix and medium Chris Conway are joined by the UK’s most prolific expert on the unexplained, Gary Brown, and the countries’ leading ghost hunter Denise Mott.

Will the Buxton audience dare to watch as the Opera House goes into ‘lockdown’ and the team invite members of the audience to take to the stage for live experiments in table tipping, lone vigils, ouija board and séances? Spectators are asked to keep an open mind as Chris Conway receives messages from the other side and tries to connect with the spirit world.

With a strong interactive element to the show, Psychic & Science includes demonstrations, vigils, readings and live broadcast online with webcam and camera feeds. Mixing local Derbyshire ghost stories, myths and legends, the team try to lift the lid on the unknown and establish a link to unravel the mystery of life and death.

Tickets, priced £18 and £20, are available on 0845 127 2190 or online at