No complacency over Blue Lagoon issues

The new look for the notorious blue lagoon
The new look for the notorious blue lagoon
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Residents living near Buxton’s infamous Blue Lagoon have been able to breathe a sigh of relief this year after a dramatic drop in the number of visitors to the bizarre tourist attraction.

But a long-term solution to the problem is still being sought.

Despite the warm and sunny weather the High Peak has enjoyed this year, visitors have not flocked to the disused quarry in their thousands as they have over the last few years.

But police, residents and a variety of other agencies who have been working to tackle the problems at the Blue Lagoon are not becoming complacent and are working with the landowner to find a long-term solution.

Inspector Martin Coey, Buxton Section Inspector, said: “It’s been really quiet, we’ve had very, very few reports of trouble.

“The residents, local council, and all the people involved have been very supportive, the residents especially by putting all the right messages out on their websites.

“We’ve had nothing like the numbers of people going up there. We’ve still got issues with off-road motorbikes but that is a local issue.

“It’s the best year we’ve had in a long time but we’re not blasé enough to think it will be the same next year. There is a lot of work to be done and we are in negotiations with the owners to look at a long-term solution.”

Inspector Coey said dyeing the water black had undoubtedly helped, but also put the reduction in problems down to trends and the fact that many of the people who had attended the Blue Lagoon may have moved onto a different spot.

The water was blue only because of chemical pollution and contained abandoned cars, litter and even dead animals. It will continue to be dyed black, Inspector Coey added.