New ‘world-class’ hotel is planned for Buxton

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Plans have been submitted to build a 95-bed ‘world class calibre’ tourist destination at the badly-rundown Buckingham Hotel.

Developers propose to demolish the ‘structurally unsound’ historic hotel dating back to 1876 - after a council-commissioned report found the costs of repairing its structure were too high.

The hotels’s owners say its redevelopment would create up to 50 full-time jobs and deliver a contemporary, sustainable and accessible hotel attracting more than 45,000 overnight stay visitors a year.

A planning document submitted on the hotel’s behalf reads that there will be ‘beneficial economic consequences for other local businesses through increased visitor spend’.

As part of the plans there is also a proposal to house a ‘pilot hydroponic vertical farm’ on the site.

The pilot scheme would offers an opportunity for crops to be produced throughout the year ‘with the benefits associated with local produce – primarily freshness and a reduction in food miles’.

The plans read: “If successful it could be replicated locally on a larger scale to supply produce to local wholesalers, schools and the public.”

Boyarsky Murphy Architects hope the new hotel will provide ‘a place for community social interaction, knowledge transfer and reduced effects of building energy use.

They wrote: “The new hotel will continue its community role as a meeting place for individuals, local groups and organisations.

“Buildings that include sustainable features also become models for others to follow.

“Benefits can potentially diffuse beyond the workplace and lead to increased use of sustainable design practices and behavioural change in the community at large.

“Behavioural changes might include increased recycling, purchasing green products, and investing in energy-efficient technologies.”

The architects also wrote the proposed replacement building was ‘a faithful interpretation of the existing hotel in all key aspects’.

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