New website advises parents on keeping children healthy

Web tile health
Web tile health

A new website offering tips for parents to keep young children healthy during the winter has been set up by Derbyshire health visitors.

The site, which is aimed particularly at parents with pre-school children, includes seasonal guidance to help beat winter bugs as well as general tips about crying, sleeping and feeding.

Claire Scothern, Health Visiting Lead for Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, said: “Children are particularly vulnerable to catching coughs, colds and other common illnesses during the winter. For the first time this year healthy two and three-year-olds are being offered a flu nasal spray.

“We all want the right healthcare for our children and, in very many cases, that is available quite close to home - or even at home. Make sure you have stocked up on medicines like your child’s usual pain relief, oral rehydration solution and cough mixture, so you can help them have a speedy recovery.”

The website is at and there is also a Facebook page at https://www.face