New roundabout would stop speeding cars in the High Peak

The A515 at Brierlow Bar.
The A515 at Brierlow Bar.

Traffic problems on a busy High Peak road could be fixed as county councillors agree to a £15,000 feasibility study.

This could then lead to a roundabout or traffic signals being put in place on the A515 Brierlow Bar, in Hartington Upper Quarter near Chelmorton.

All members of a Derbyshire County Council cabinet meeting, held on Tuesday, voted in agreement of this.

Councillor Anne Western, who chaired the meeting, said: “It is good to see that these ideas are going forward.”

Hartington Upper Quarter Parish Council has been campaigning for better road safety, and a spokesman for the parish council said: “It’s the straight roads encouraging high speeds approaching the junction which make it so dangerous.”

The speed limit was lowered to 50mph in 2008. Monitoring records show in the preceding three-year period there had been 85 recorded injury collisions along the entire route from Buxton to Fenny Bentley.

During the three years after the speed limit was lowered, this figure dropped to 42 injury collisions.

During the latest three-year period, there have been 48 collisions, so the initial reduction in the amount of collisions as a result of the amended speed limit has been maintained.

An interactive speed sign had previously been discussed, but was rejected by the parish council.

Caitlin Bisknell, county councillor for Buxton North and East, said: “A roundabout may provide a benefit in terms of collision reduction.”

While the cabinet approved the study, it has been made clear that the council is not committed to proceeding with the scheme and future plans will be considered after the report has been delivered.

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