New plan for bottling plant

new cowdale bottling plant
new cowdale bottling plant

A fresh application for a mineral water bottling site at Cowdale Quarry on the outskirts of Buxton will overcome objections which led to the previous proposal being refused, the developers claim.

Paul Knell of Express Park Buxton Ltd, has submitted the application on behalf of Rockhead Mineral Water to High Peak Borough Council. for a bottling factory and a heritage visitor centre and trail at Cowdale Quarry.

The proposal will create about 100 new jobs and attract substantial new inward investment for Buxton, said Mr Knell, who ruled out alternative sites suggested by the High Peak Borough Council, including the Hoffman Quarry, Staden Lane and Tongue Lane as physically unviable.

“Mineral Water has to be bottled at source and cannot be tankered but may be delivered in pipelines,” said Mr Knell.

“All sites within 4km distance of Rockhead Spring have also been considered but there is only greenfield open countryside except Cowdale Quarry, which adjoins Rockhead Spring.

“As the water source adjoins the development site and is in the control of Express Park Buxton Ltd there is no requirement to obtain any third party agreements or dig up public roads,” said Mr Knell.

Cowdale Quarry is classified as previously developed brownfield land, and the proposed water bottling factory has been redesigned and pushed further back in to the quarry and would not have an impact on views from the nearby Peak District National Park. he said.

The heritage visitor centre will be used to educate and create awareness for local people and tourists explaining the importance that the quarry industry has played in the development of the area and the town of Buxton.

“We consider this project to be an important long-term business to Buxton and the adjacent communities by utilising a rare natural resource,” said Mr Knell.