New painted rock movement sweeps High Peak

Erin and Evie talor have decorated more than 120 rocks so far
Erin and Evie talor have decorated more than 120 rocks so far

A new project aimed at making people smile has captured the hearts and imaginations of hundreds in the High Peak.

HP Rocks is a group of people who are painting rocks and stones then leaving them hidden around the town to brighten up the day of the person who finds it.

Founding member Liz Taylor was walking with her two daughters at Tittensworth Reservoir when they found a painted rock which when they got home found out it was part of a new movement sweeping the nation.

Liz, 39, from Sherwood Road in Buxton said: “It’s just a simple way of raising a smile and I’m amazed how well it has taken off.”
People are decorating the rocks and hiding them and so far rocks from the High Peak have been found as far away as Wales and on foot of the Angel of the North.

Liz says the original idea can be traced to Morcambe and other groups have set up similar projects across the country.

Liz said: “I just can’t believe it, we set up a Facebook group so people can see when rocks are being found but people are also moving them out of the High Peak for others to find enjoy which is great.

“I think it has taken off so much because it a really simple concept. You go out for a walk with your family and look for rocks and is a free fun day out.

“Or you can spend some time decorating the rocks and hiding them which is just as fun, so far my girls, Erin and Evie, must of decorated and hidden more than 120 rocks they just love it and it’s making people smile which is what it is all about.”

People who want to get involved are asked to decorate one side of the rock and put HP Rocks on the other and share their finds on Facebook.