New Mills mum rescues drowning horse

A New Mills mum saved a life last week, when she jumped into a swimming pool to rescue a drowning horse.

Helen Gee, 31, of Highfield Terrace, was visiting her friend, Ann James, who keeps horses at the livery yards, on Plucksbridge Road, Marple, when she saw Magic, a four-year-old bay horse, get into difficulty.

She said two horses had escaped from the field, but she could only see one of them, until she noticed the other haywire horse had walked onto the tarpaulin cover of the pool, which was gradually collapsing.

The quick-thinking mother-of-two said: “For a few seconds, he was walking on top until it gave way and he disappeared into the six-foot deep pool.

“Ann was getting distressed, so I threw my son to my partner and jumped in. My adrenalin kicked in and I dragged him to the shallow end using a rope while he was thrashing about.”

The owner of the farm drained the pool and four hours later, Magic was able to trot out on a staircase made of straw.

Heroic Helen, who has been riding horses for 25 years, said: “It was very scary but I refused to allow this pony to drown. I’d do it again tomorrow.”