New Mills Carnival will have ‘the biggest parade ever seen’

New Mills Carnival, gypsy dancers
New Mills Carnival, gypsy dancers

New Mills Carnival organisers are excited about this year’s parade, hailing it the biggest ever as more than 30 groups, floats and bands join in the festivities.

New Mills Carnival will take to the streets on Saturday, June 11 with the theatre-themed procession taking to the streets at 1pm.

Volunteer Sean Whewell said: “It is going to be a great day.

“We have never had so many people sign up to be part of the parade. We have three pipe bands, two brass bands and even a kazoo marching band which will be a first for us.

“We are thrilled that so many people want to be part of the carnival.”

As well as so much live music, there will also be the Derbyshire Royalty who will be followed by walking floats which will feature the schools, dance troupes and gymnastic classes, and there will be a special appearance from the Ghostbusters car.

This year’s theme is the theatre and organisers hope it will give people much more scope than the previous topic of trains.

Sean said: “One of our key benefactors will be New Mills Art Theatre because we know they are trying to raise thousands of pounds for a new roof and we want the community to get behind them, which was another reason we chose the theatre for inspiration.”

The parade will start in Market Street and end on the recreation field behind Swizzles, where there will be more than 40 stalls, a fun fair and a performance area.

Sean said: “We wanted the focus to be on local traders and even the beer is local, coming from the two breweries in the town.

“Everyone is really excited about the carnival and rightly so, this is a big social event for New Mills and one we are proud to host.

“There will be celebrations up and down the town and even if we get a bit of rain it won’t dampen our spirits and the show will go.”

“Only high winds would cause disruption to the day as it could interfere with the marquees, floats and the funfair.”

Sean said the town is making the most of the carnival and the extra people.

He said: “The night before Showaddywaddy will be playing at the theatre, and on Monday and Tuesday there will be a circus in town and we haven’t had one of them for many years, so that’s great news.

“Also it looks like every pub is putting on live music or entertainment on Saturday night so the carnival feeling will last into the night.”