New High Peak MP distances herself from derogatory tweets

Ruth George
Ruth George

Newly-elected High Peak Labour MP Ruth George has distanced herself from a Twitter account she was seemingly linked to which appeared to compare the home secretary to Hitler.

When questioned by the BBC on the tweets, which ranged from July 2015 to October 2016, her response was ‘they’ve got the wrong person’.

The tweets from the now deleted account of @RuthForHighPeak

The tweets from the now deleted account of @RuthForHighPeak

The tweets came from the now deleted account @RuthForHighPeak, however her own personal account profile states she tweets for both.

The old tweets stated things such as ‘is Theresa May actually a bloke?’ and called Amber Rudd ‘Mein Fuhrer’.

A spokesperson for Ruth said: “A very passionate campaigner set up an account, but it’s not Ruth’s account.

“During the campaign, a supporter offered to rename the Twitter account @thecornerback to @ruthforhighpeak and repost Ruth’s Facebook posts, which a campaign coordinator accepted.

“Ruth and her campaign team believed that all previous tweets had been deleted. Ruth had never seen any of these tweets prior to May 2017, is in no way associated with them and their content does not reflect her views on anything.

“Tweets by the Twitter account when it was called @thecornerback prior to May 2017 were nothing to do with Ruth.

“Ruth and her team explained to the BBC journalist that Ruth has a different twitter account but she is not much of a “tweeter” having only ever tweeted 34 times.”